Customized Workshops

Educate and empower your employees to take back control of their physical and mental health with one of our educational and interactive online workshops.

Choose from one of the following topics or we can customize your own based on your own objectives for your workforce.

  • Building Your Health Foundation for Optimum Health
  • Gut Health – The Window to Wellness
  • Take the Heat Out of Pain & Inflammation
  • Managing Your Stress Response for Optimum Immunity
  • Meal Planning & Meal Preparation
  • Achieving Hormonal Harmony
  • Restoring Mental Balance with Nutrition
  • Detoxification in a Toxic World

Choose one workshop or book a series of workshops! It’s your choice. Book your free strategy call HERE and let’s discuss!

Online Coaching Programs

Making significant changes to our health and nutrition habits doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, a consistent, step-by-step plan that will guarantee results and an expert coach to keep you motivated every step of the way!

Choose from one of the following online coaching programs for your employees. Either offer as a group wellness incentive or an individual reward benefit.

  • 10 Day Body Reset Detox
  • “The New You” 6 Week Clean Eating Program
  • The Clean, Lean & Serene Method – 12 Week Fat Loss Program
  • The Gut Recovery Program – 12 week in-depth gut healing protocol

Want more details? Book your free strategy call HERE and let’s see what fits your workforce best!

Individual Nutrition Consulting

Do you offer a wellness benefit to your employees? Do you offer coverage within your group benefits plan for the services of a Registered Nutritionist? If so, then make sure your employees know they can have this option if they prefer a more personal approach with one-to-one consultation sessions.

Share this link with your employees so they can book their own free strategy session and see if we are a good fit to work together.

Speaking Engagements

If you are looking to make an impact on a much larger workforce, I would love to speak at your next corporate wellness event. Keynote speeches can cover a wide variety of topics. Book your free strategy call HERE so we can work together to tailor the perfect speech for your audience!

Have questions before booking a free strategy session? Email me at or call 1-(519)-589-1053.

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