The Gut Recovery Program LIVE!


The Gut Recovery Program is a 12 module program designed for individuals who are struggling with persistent food intolerances, digestive discomfort and perhaps have even been diagnosed with a chronic gut health condition.

If you tend to live under chronic stress, struggle to manage your weight and struggle to eat a variety of foods without feeling unwell afterwards, then this is the program for you! The Gut Recovery Program LIVE! runs three times each year in January, May and September. 



This program offers weekly live coaching sessions with a Registered Nutritionist to walk you through a proven, step-by-step methodology. Your module content will be delivered to you via email in an easy to follow format and is designed to help your gut recover, rebalance and heal without having to give up all the foods forever or having to rely on taking medications for life that come with a long list of scary side effects!

Program Features:

  • 12 Weekly LIVE coaching sessions in our Program Members Only Facebook Group with a Registered Nutritionist.
  • Program Prework/Quick Start Guide & 3 Day Liquid Detox Plan.
  • 12 Weekly Meal Plans/Recipe Guides.
  • 12 simple-to-follow training modules with video tutorials and implementation guides.
  • Access to our Program Members Only Facebook Group for 24/7 Q&A, support, accountability and motivation.
  • Continuous assessment of your progress through symptom-based analysis
  • Program Completion Personal Health Assessment
  • Program Completion 60 Minute Private Consultation


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